Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bitter pill indeed

Lenoir, NC (LC Press) - Still smarting from his near miss at Fleche Wallone, Ron Swenson has put in his picks for L-B-L. "I will be shattered if [Howard Hesterberg] pulls off the sweep that he predicted!" said the gutsy newcomer to the fantasy peloton. Hesterberg, along with many other fantasy cyclists have been keeping a low profile as they make final preparations for Sunday's race. While Swenson has shown the exuberance of youth by making his picks with 2 days still left before the race, it can only be assumed that the cagier and more experienced fantasy cyclists are taking their time to assess the toll that these past two weeks of racing have taken on the riders.

Max Dyer may be the dark horse favorite for this race. Still bruised and battered from defending himself against spurious doping allegations following his huge win of the fantasy Paris-Roubaix, Liege represents his last bid for redemption in this year's spring classics. Or is the lackluster performance that he turned in at La Fleche the sign that his Paris-Roubaix was a mere flash of brilliance in what may eventually be regarded as a banal and pedestrian fantasy cycling career?
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