Saturday, May 09, 2009

Raise the roof

Lenoir, NC (LCPress, Int'l) - The fantasy peloton metaphorically rolled out today to face a grueling, brief fantasy team time trial. In an odd coincidence, three teams toed the line with the exact same three man roster of Levi Leipheimer, Ivan Basso, and Mark Cavendish. These director sportifs are invited to submit roster changes that will be effective for tomorrow's stage.
 Full Results

Today's Cycle to Serve metric century was ridden under rare and beautiful sunny skies today. A great ride and great post-ride atmosphere made it a wonderful day. Please pass your thanks on to Bob Giduz and all of the good folks of the Lenoir Rotary Club for their impeccable planning and operating procedure!

Perpetual party boy Tom Boonen tested positive for cocaine for the second time. A) Cocaine is soooooooooooo '80's, but I guess meth would probably be out, too. B) If you get popped one time for out of competition cocaine use, wouldn't you think twice before placing straw to nose? Or is the naked party girl coke dispenser just too irresistable for common sense to kick in? C) Seriously, you think that the Belgians will be able to throw any serious penalty at Boonen without judges and lawyers being threatened or assaulted? I just want  to see the guy break de Vlaeminck's 4 Paris-Roubaix win record, but that's looking slimmer and slimmer...
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