Saturday, May 16, 2009


Lenoir, NC (LC Press, Int'l.) - After a whirlwind tour of Monticello, Washington, and a day of idleness at Busch Gardens-Williamsburg, I have returned home tired and sleep deprived.  But the Luna Cycles Fantasy Giro d'Italia powered by [sponsorship opportunity available] waits for no man and so I have hunkered down and calculated the points for the past two days. Of note is a switch up amongst the top teams and the emergence of Steve Boike as a real threat to Jason Darden in the lanterne rouge competition.

As for the skin tight denim shorts that were provided to me by Max Dyer of the Rock Racing team, I have not been able to get them past my ankles and have decided to pull the stitching out of the seams and have them sewn together around me.  We'll see how this works out...  As for denim skinsuits, that is so 1991!

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