Saturday, February 07, 2009

med school bound

Some time back, Kaibab decided to blow both of his rear ACL's.  In September, we got the worst one operated on and he recovered nicely.  In fact, he has been very sweet and appreciative of being in full blown house dog mode. 

At the end of January, we took him in to get the second ACL repaired.  I went in to the vet to visit him after his surgery and there he is, resplendent in a party hat.  Apparently, he decided to start gnawing at his stitches as soon as he regained consciousness.  I brought him home, party hat and all.  We would take it off of him to give him a break and BOOM he'd be gnawing at his stitches like they were going out of style.  So, we left the hat on from that point on.  He started to use it like some kind of weapon, ramming you with the plastic to push you out of the way.  It also served as a kind of funnel/target for Owen to throw food at Kai from the kitchen table.  Lovely.

Friday was the day for Kai to get the stitches out, so Thursday night we decided to take off the party hat and let him chill out for the evening.  When we were getting ready for work Friday morning, Golden asked me, "does it look like his stitches are all gone?"  I looked at the 7 inch incision on his knee and sure enough, zero stitches were present.  Seems Kai decided to remove his own stitches Thursday night.  It isn't really a big deal, but if he was going to do the follow up medical procedure, I wish we could have given him a shot at performing the initial surgery on himself.  We could have saved a lot of money that way...
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