Wednesday, February 04, 2009

dreams of warmth

It is truly hard to be happy when the temps drop to the teens at night and the wind is brisk and biting.  I am starting to lapse into daydreams of fun in the sun, sitting in a garden in full bloom with a glass of ice cold white wine (don't ask me, I'm not sure why it's popping up, either).  One of my colleagues at school took off this afternoon for a week in Puerto Vallarta.  I'm stuck in the arctic.  The bad thing is that it is cold, but there is no snow.  No way to engage in fun but fleeting winter sports like snow shoeing, skate skiing or the like.  It's just cold and it is starting to drive me slightly bonkers.

I just got a heads up on a review of the new Fuji D6 tt/tri bike.  We saw this bike at the show and it was more than a little revelatory.  While Fuji makes a solid product, we were really surprised to see such a well thought out, highly engineered and in many ways, revolutionary bike from them.  And while the idea of a time trial is enough to give me the heebies AND the jeebies, I have a deep admiration of the equipment.  This new bike from Fuji is being hailed as a legitimate challenger to the heretofore unchallenged Cervelo P series.  Check it out: Fuji D6 Review

This weekend should (fingers crossed) be warm and great for another long base pace ride.  Talk of a scenic tour of Lake James is in the air.  Hope to see you there!  I'll be the guy with really pasty white legs poking out of his shorts.  ON second thought, I'll be the really good looking guy with really pasty white legs poking out of his shorts.  The other pasty legged guy is Max "ghost faced killah" Dyer...
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