Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hat trick

The Lenoir Cyclocross race was today.   A large turnout of racers plus some really warm weather made for a great day of racing.  The course was fast and not too technical, lending itself to some great tactical racing.  The Orangemen of Sledgehammer Charlie's Racing were in force in many of the days races with the most impressive lineup in the CX 4 race.  Jack Brown, Max Dyer and I punched it from the gun opening up a gap and driving hard at the front for 3 laps.  One non-Sledgehammer ramora fish got a good tow around the course until he decided to capitolize on his fresh legs.  Our hopes of a 1-2-3 finish were slightly disrupted and we finished 2nd (Max), 3rd (Jack) and 6th (me). 

The big news of the day was Jeff's breakout sprint victory over Randy Shields in the 45+ race!  Big props to Jeff on a big, big, well deserved W! Congratulations also to Nicole Thomas and her 3rd place finish in the Women's CX4 race!

The true madness on the day lay in the ability to do multiple races.  Scott Staley and I both did the Masters 35+, CX4, and CX3 races!  That is about 2 hours of 'cross racing!  Bob Pugh rode the 45+ and the CX3 race, Jack Brown the CX4 and CX3 race and  Howard Hesterburg rode the 55+ and CX4 race!

Now, I'm eating rice pudding with my feet up, trying to stay awake a little bit longer.
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