Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The big dip

Fatigue has set in and I can't seem to actually get energized.  Sure, I can muster little bursts of excitement, but sustainability is definitely lacking.  Not sure what is going on; I just hope I can snap out of it.  I'm banking on this weekend being the breakthrough that I am searching for.

Bristol is going to be my last race as a CX 4.  I will be upgrading following the race.  Jeff has been none to subtle in his insistence that I should upgrade, but I have some pre-season goals that I am trying to fulfill.  Going into the season, I wanted to podium a race and I wanted to win a race.  So far, I have 2 podiums, 8 finishes in the top 10, but no win.  Bristol is my last shot at fulfilling this goal as a CX 4 after that, I readjust my goals for my debut in the CX 3 class.  Unfortunately, my first 3 race will be the Hendersonville UCI race which is a 2/3 combined field.  Nothing like a good trial by fire to sharpen the senses and keep you aware of your fragile mortality.  Now that it is all out in the open, I feel much better and maybe Jeff will stop calling me a sandbagger...

Check out these great photos from the Dobson/NCCX State Championships (make sure you turn your sound up!).  See you Saturday!
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