Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh my, O'Grady!

I could not be happier to be wrong about my pick for winner of Paris-Roubaix! The man lovingly referred to as "The Freckle" by his Aussie compatriots in the peloton, was certainly due. And what a heroic performance he put in, placing a authoritative stamp on the race with a powerful solo effort that left the elites (and himself) gasping. The utter pain written on his face told a tale of just how much suffering it takes to win the Queen of the Classics.

I was utterly enthralled with the action and knew that it was going to take something epic to not have the race come down to a bunch sprint. So many riders threw the dice, notably Wessemann and Flecha, who really looked like they had made a dangerous move. Ultimately, Stewie made the effort that stuck!

Sorry to be psoting so late on this. If you are in our neck of the woods, you know that we have had some pretty high winds the past two days. Well, as fate would have it, right as I was settling down to an evening of internet work last night, we lost power. We got power back sometime today, while I was at work. Conversely, we lost power at school today at about 15 minutes into the first period and it never came back on. We released early (noon), but I had to entertain a classroom fool of teenagers for 4 hours, in the dark. That would be fun spelled with a capitol F and various other letters... It didn't matter, though. I found out first thing this morning that I got a great new teaching job teaching physical science at the Caldwell Early College High School! It was a huge relief to finally know where I will be landing next year.

Winds will hopefully die down enough to allow for a group ride tomorrow. See ya there.
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