Thursday, April 12, 2007

It approaches

My next door neighbor died tuesday. He was 84 and had developed Parkinson's. I remember when we first moved in he ambled over with the aid of his cane, turned up his hearing aid and asked me how I was doing. I said fine and returned the greeting by asking how he was doing. He said, "Fine, but if you know any different, don't tell me." He gave me a round tuit and walked off. We haven't been the best of neighbors, but I endeavor to watch out for his wife now that he is gone.

Well Gent was more than a little exciting. Tyler Farrar broke his knee cap on the Kimmell along with numerous other injured riders on that nasty cobbled descent. Petaachi ate it, along with the other hopeful for Milram, prompting the whole team to head for the cars and call it a day. I've seen a few articles about whether or not the Kimmel belongs in a "modern" bike race. My feeling is: hell, yeah. Where will the sport be if it does not test itself against the gold standard of time. The 5 monuments represent a continuum for cycling. Training may change, technology may change, but the cobbles will always hold that card of fate close to it's chest, waiting to deal it out at the right (or wrong) time.

So Roubaix approaches. Boonen has to win in order to consider this season successful. I mean, sure he could win the green jersey at the tour, but come on, he's Belgian. A Belgian sprinter, on a Belgian team not winning one of the beloved cobbled classics that make flauhutes into legends; that would be unthinkable. With that being said, you know Boonen will have more than his share of angry when he bellies up to the line, but can he seal the deal? There are a lot of guys chomping at the bit. Too many to make anything, but an educated guess. Here's the odds:
Cancellara, F 3.50
Boonen, T 3.50
Hoste, L 8.50
Van Petegem, P 11.00
Ballan, A 15.00
Gusev, V 15.00
Pozzato, F 17.00
Wesemann, S 20.00
Burghardt, M 20.00
Flecha Giannoni, J-A 22.00
Klier, A 22.00
Hushovd, T 25.00
Backstedt, M 25.00
Van Bon, L 30.00
Guesdon, F 30.00
Kroon, K 30.00
Gilbert, P 30.00
Devolder, S 30.00
O'Grady, Stuart 35.00
Steegmans, G 35.00
Nuyens, N 35.00
Hammond, R 35.00
Vaitkus, T 35.00
Eisel, B 35.00
Brard, F 250.00
Mengin, C 250.00
Meirhaeghe, F 250.0
Could Ballan double up? I'm waitin' to make my call...
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