Monday, September 25, 2006

Back (jumping) in the saddle again

Well, dusted off the 'cross bike, gave it a new chain (seems the old one had rusted into a really cool oval shape that matched the drivetrain) and set off for the first 'cross practice of the season. Hit the field and saw my two 'cross compatriots from last year, Jeff and Alex, plus Double Down, Johnny MC, Jenna, Katrina, Chris Thomas, the grommet and Ron. I went ahead and broke the ice by blowing a clip out and nailing the barriers. This provoked a wave of imitators, but I want all to know that I did it first! We worked on those damnable dismounts and remounts. I finally managed to get over the stutter step remount that plagued me all last season. Here's hoping for more improvements... We took a couple of hot laps and I gotta say that Lenoir has the makings of a sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 'cross course! The bug has definitely bitten a few people and I hope to see some more faces at this week's practice ( hell yeah, I'm talking to you Mark and Jack ). Maybe the Mayor will put in an appearance?
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