Thursday, September 07, 2006

Luna product test

In a neverending quest to provide you with the highest quality product information, I have given up the Scott CR1 I have ridden all season and built up a BMC Streetfire SSX. The Streetfire is BMC's all aluminum and least expensive road frame. Jeff described the ride as being like a "jackhammer", but I don't agree. Either he is of a more delicate constitution or my butt is tougher, but I think the ride is surprisingly smooth and lively. Not something that aluminum is known for being. It does not transmit much road vibration and is really the first aluminum frame I have actually liked riding. I let you know more thoughts when I have more time on it...

I also got a pair of Sugoi RS flex bib shorts. They are possibly the most comfortable shorts I have ever used. They fit VERY tightly, but the fabric is super lightweight and very soft to the touch. The chamois is the 2006 version and is very comfortable. I have seen the new 2007 chamois and it must be super comfortable to be an improvement on the '06.

Sad news at the shop: the weekly rides (monday, tuesday, thursday) will start at 5:30 beginning Mon. Sept. 11th. I know many of you won't be able to make the new time (we won't be able to either, Jeff is a frickin' slave driver) and we apologize. Due to the shortened amount of daylight, the traditional 6ish start just doesn't leave enough safe riding time. We are still a small bike shop and we can't afford to lose any customers!

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