Sunday, August 27, 2006

How long 'til 'cross season?

Went on the Sunday group ride today. I was all set to do the Saturday ride, but 8am found me still in bed after an early morning diaper changing session. Got to ride the fixed gear out to Collettsville and back. Just me and Rico Suave. If you ever want a good steady riding partner who won't try to put you in the hurt locker just for being there, then Rico is your man. I learned about his family (he is from a family of 12 siblings, but his uncle had at least THIRTY EIGHT kids who showed up at his funeral) and the riding in his native Costa Rica, plus I learned about the Tour of Costa Rica. ($5 off any item in Luna Cycles to the first person other than Rico who can tell me the name of the only American to win the Costa Rica Tour). The few rollers out to Collettsville and back are pretty doable on the fixie; might could use a little taller gear, but we'll have to see. I realized today that there is about two months before the first 'cross race of the season. I guess training should probably begin soon. I can already feel my butt getting sore from sittin' and gittin' on the fixie. Tomorrow, hell, I hope I'm not walking funny... For those of you who care: there's about 20 days left until B2B...
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