Monday, August 21, 2006

Bridge to Bridge rumors...

Contrary to popular hopefulness, we do not have access to any B2B numbers. At all. Period. (No wait, we do have a few, but they are starting at $1,000 each. We accept cash and cash. Your number can be picked up from under the coke can at the top of Eagle Heights once the cash drop has been made.) If you really want to try and get a number, or you have hit your head bringing you back to your senses and wish to unload a number, I have set up a special section of our forum for just such exchanges. The link is right there to the right, where it says "luna cycles forum", duh... Please, please, please: while we are trying to be a friendly and helpful bike shop, please don't call us looking to get or get rid of numbers. Stick to the forum and keep the fun amongst yourselves!
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