Wednesday, August 23, 2006

End of summer

I've been back working in my classroom all week, so I know the end of summer is nigh. Jeff got back from the beach, his arms are brown from being on a surfboard and they're all pumped up from doing margarita curls. Now that the depressing heat has broken it seems like everybody and their brother wants a bike to ride on the greenway. That sucker must be packed. I can't imagine it being very safe for anyone involved...
One thing that is new has been that more and more people have expressed the idea that they wanted to buy a bike from us because they wanted to "buy local". This is not a sentiment that I am used to hearing here, but it is definitely a good step for local businesses. We should all strive to buy locally when we can. It is amazing that when you frequent locally owned business, you develop relationships that you don't experience with big chain stores. Those relationships definitely pay off when you have a problem and you need some one to go the extra mile for you. As the economy in Caldwell County stutters and starts, we need to be aware of our part in maintaining the momentum that it has now. Buy local. It's good for all of us.
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