Friday, July 10, 2009

Tour de Fraaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhnce

In what looked to have the makings of an epic stage full of sound and fury, today's jaunt to Andorra was remarkably unspectacular.  Sure Contador threw down an accelleration at the end, but realistically this was the Cat. 5 city limit sprint blindside moment of the Tour.  Armstrong stated that it wasn't part of the plan but he didn't expect Contador to follow the plan, while Bruyneel said there was no plan.  That kind of muddle doesn't bode well.  But Kloden sure did stay up there and could still pull the you-guys-have-the-measuring-contest-while-I-go-win-this-thing attack up his sleeve.  Sad to say, but Armstrong has brought both drama and dullness to this Tour.  Astana pulled it out the tried and true playbook and set tempo at the front, daring anybody to try and attack.  Poor Evans hasn't figured out he's already dead.  One small light shines in the Garmin bunch as both Wiggins and Vande Velde held up on the stage with Zabriskie doing decent climbing duty for a good part of the day. 

Fantasy Tour de France standings are here.

Nicole Thomas         Espresso Train                4754
Ron Swenson           Team Theoretical            4542
Charles Bennett       Bernanke's Bumblers      4530
Peter Purcell            Team Heal With Steel     4509
Charles Hicks          Team Buuurrnn!              4496
Shane Norris            Team Inizio                     4416
Mellie Black            Team Limp Along           4310
jim brown                stylin' and profilin'          4207
Grom                       Team CrashWagon          4198
Eddy Winkler          Team Not Caught Yet      4114
Jeff Welch               Pigs in Zen                       3958
Chris Thomas         Dessel Engine                  3935
Steven Boike          RPM                                 3847
John Hansen           Lumpy skates                   3796
Grant Dunstan        Lone Beer Ranger            3789
Scott Staley            JRB Racing                       3765
Mary Ann Brown    Hope & A Prayer             3751
Trey Barnes           Steam Donkey                   3677
Jenna King             Le Chiffre                        3618
Chris Harris           Equipe Poisson                3567
Lara Cassidy          Lara's team                      3505
Player barrett         team player                      3305
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