Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snow day!

We got the most significant snowfall I've seen here in a few years last night. Consequently, school was canceled for today and tomorrow! Couple that good fortune with the MLK Day Holiday on monday and Bam! out of nowhere you've got yourself a five day weekend!

I lolled about the house, playing with Owen (watching him eat snowballs two-fisted style!) and then hopped on the mtn. bike to ride in to the shop at noon. I used a little trail that runs from my neighborhood to downtown to fool myself into thinking I was in the woods. The snow on the trail was pristine except for some rabbit tracks that cut back and forth down the entire length of the trail.

Everything is melting now and turning to ice tonight as the temps drop to the 20's. I already miss that fleeting bit of quiet that you only get when there is snow on the ground to muffle all of the world's noise.

Jeff, Chuck and Big E took off for Costa Rica today to do a little riding and surfing in warmer climes. Be sure to scratch them off your xmas list for this little manuever timed oh so perfectly with our first good winter blast in a while!
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