Monday, January 14, 2008

A must have?

It is time to come to terms with the fact that we have a serious loose dog problem on some of our beloved road ride routes. This Saturday marked the 3rd time I have been chased by the same pack of 6 dogs at the same spot on Hwy. 90 between Lenoir and Collettsville. So here's the deal: the only way something will be done about it is if we call Animal Control and inform them of each and every incident that occurs with any repeat offenders. It's one thing for a dog to be loose now and then, but there seems to be a growing number of dog owners who feel that their dogs should have unfettered access to the road and anything that catches their fancy as it passes by. So here is my little Public Service Announcement:

Beware of the dog pack at 3635 Collettsville Rd.

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They will swarm you from both sides of the road with one dog running ahead and trying to jump out in front of you. If you encounter them and they chase you, please call Caldwell County Animal Control and report the incident. Or you may want to purchase the latest in winter training accessories.

I've been itching to escape the confines of pavement cycling ever since I got a rigid fork for my mountain bike (a very long while ago) and so Sunday, we planned a little ride on the Over Mountain Victory trail at Kerr Scott Reservoir. Jeff, Shelli, Golden, Big E, Nicole and I met at the trail head at 1 o'clock and took off in pretty perfect conditions. We had gotten a decent amount of rain earlier in the week, but rather than being super muddy, the trails were an awesome tacky consistency that allowed for a lot of speed. The ride was an incredible change of pace from the base pace riding we've been doing and it really made me lament how the length of time I've been away from the mountain bike. I'm ready to head out there again as soon as possible...
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