Monday, January 28, 2008

It's a celebration, b*&ches!

A lot has happened this week and I have tried to stay mum and let it all burst forth in one post. This past weekend, cyclocross world champions were crowned in Italy. Lars BOOM had an off day and managed to win world's anyway. I wish I could have off days like that...

Now, even though 'cross is a passion that burns brightly for me through the winter, two far more life changing anniversaries occurred this week. Thursday, January 23rd marked the birthday of one of my personal heroes, Macgyver. I was a huge Macgyver fan, always marveling at his ingenuity and reveling in the utility of commonplace items like chewing gum and aluminum foil. The idea that the raw materials for explosives and gunpowder was truly electrifying in my young adulthood. Truth be told, it still is. However, I remember the day when my faith in Macgyver came to a screeching end. In the episode, Macgyver needed to make an explosive or gunpowder and filed some cheap, third world bicycle frame to get magnesium filings for his concoction. I was shocked. Only a handful of magnesium bicycle frames have ever been produced and you certainly weren't going to find one just lying around like Macgyver had. That is when I realized that the show was all b.s. and Macgyver was all just Hollywood smoke and mirrors. Crushing.

Today, however marks a much happier and far more profoundly life-changing anniversary: the 50th anniversary of LEGO bricks! Oh, the hours I have spent enraptured by these simple plastic bricks. I still have all of the LEGO bricks I have ever owned, sitting in a box in the basement, waiting for when Owen will be old enough to play with them instead of experiencing their choking hazard properties!

Tomorrow night, Luna Cycles and Rock and Road Bicycles will be doing a demo ride night at the "Chicken bone velodrome" in Hickory. The rides are from 5:30 to 8:00 at the Hickory Motor Speedway. Admission cost is $10. Ride is canceled if there is inclement weather. See you there (hopefully)!
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