Friday, September 28, 2007

Reaping the whirlwind

Daybreak at the Luxor
We are in the airport waiting for our airplane. Jeff and I both are worn out having only gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep since we left wednesday morning. We have seen so many bikes and so much clothing and accessories it would make your head spin...
US National Cyclocross Champion, Ryan Trebon, on his way to winning 'Cross Vegas
World Cyclocross Silver medalist, Jonathon Page at 'Cross Vegas
Flagstaff homeboy, Ben Proctor shows how spectating is done!

We hooked up with a lot of old friends, saw a bunch of famous racers, talked bidness and listened to an untold number of mind-numbing sales presentations. We've gotten excited about a few new things and have lots of things to discuss. We gambled, drank, watched bike races, hung out, caught up with old friends and have generally been going non-stop since we hit the ground. There are a lot more pictures to show you in the coming days. See you at 'cross practice tomorrow.
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