Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Now, let's get down to business

Up and coming two-wheeled bad ass, Owen McCormack Moore

Bridge to bridge has come and gone. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Big shout out to the top hometown Homeboy, Jack Brown! He looked good from my vantage point towards the top of 181 and by good I mean not horribly bad. Let's face it, nobody looks spring daisy fresh on a long, steep climb going some ridiculous speed for any measurable length of time. I think next year will be time for me to participate in the B2B again.

Now that B2B is past, there are a few notable changes in the group ride schedule. The Tues./Thurs. night rides now meet at 5:30 due to the dwindling light conditions. And starting this Saturday, we will begin cyclocross practice at 4:30 at the Zack's Fork soccer complex. This will give you some preview of the Lenoir 'cross course that will be a part of the NC Cyclocross Fall Series on Nov. 4th!

Speaking of cyclocross, our new 'cross bikes are on the way. I'm going to stay mum on the particulars in an effort to build up the suspense in anticipation for a big reveal. To help wrap your head around the implications of the looming 'cross season, check out Chopper Reid's advice for life: (a word of caution if you are not fond of the f-bomb!)
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