Friday, September 21, 2007

File under: Yeah, No Sh*t...

Genevieve Jeanson admitted to having used EPO during her career, today. This comes as a shocker to exactly no one who ever even read about her exploits on the bike. Genevieve was well known for her tried and true method of winning bike races: solo attack from the gun and let everyone else ride for 2nd place. In big stage races, when the Pro Women would start 15 to 20 minutes after the Cat. 3 men, Genevieve would catch, pass and drop the men's race that started 20 minutes ahead of her. That isn't talent, that dear friends is dope.

On other doping fronts: I don't know what to think about the Landis decision. I really thought the long delay boded well for him, but no, it just wasn't in the cards. Given the nature of the decision and the weirdness of the T/E ratio test is flawed, but then the follow tests aren't, just doesn't seem kosher. The system seems rigged...

Got the new 'cross bike built up. It is a Blue CXc with SRAM Rival components. Initial shakedown ride impression is that the bike is very nimble. Tomorrow's 'cross practice should provide much more of a ride impression. See you at the soccer field at 4:30! Don't forget the morning group ride at 8am, too!

And now to leave you with the ultimate in athletic psyche outs: The Maori Haka as performed by the New Zealand All Blacks National Rugby team.

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