Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pinch me

My new teaching position is better than I dared to imagine. I find myself, in the middle of teaching, having an out-of-body observation of our interaction and seeing that they are actually engaged in learning. It's really weird how these kids do all of the things that you wish for your students to do. You ask them to think about something and "POOF!", they actually think about it. It is a sight to behold...

I've been to busy to actually update this blog in a while. Seems a lot has been going on in the cycling world. I'm watchin', I just haven't been sayin' anything.

First off, Team Slipstream has secured the services of Magnus Backstedt and Julian Dean. I want to point out that my good friend Jason scooped everybody with that tidbit at his blog schnooked in der spurt. A chance encounter with Frankie Andreu at the Charlotte NRC critertium gave him a leg up on everybody.

Secondly, WADA vs. Alberto "the Kid" Contador, who's gonna win that? Contador and Bruyneel have scheduled a press conference (all statement, no questions). I think the pot is on simmer right now, but be looking for an increase in temperature in the near future.

Lastly, Kash Kasheykin (ASTANA) has turned up positive for homologous blood doping in an out of competition test. These guys aren't even racing and they're testing positive! I am beginning to feel beleaguered and bewildered about this whole mess. I know there are clean riders, but are the dopers really this stupid? Would you undergo a procedure that your team captain tested positive for less than 3 weeks ago? Have the UCI controls been so lax in the past that riders new the odds were in their favor if they gambled with doping? And while everyone gets bitter and pissy about doping in cycling, has anyone bothered to take note of Barry Bonds breaking the all-time homerun record with nothing more than a suspicion of steroid abuse? There are a lot of dirty houses out there, not just ours.

Our car got egged and keyed in front of our house last Friday night. I called the police to come and make a report. The officer asked me if I could think of anyone who might do such a thing. I informed him that both my wife and I were middle school teachers, so it could be any number of former students from the past 5 years. He asked if I could "narrow it down". I asked him if he could make a list of all of the people he had pissed off during his career as a plice officer. He said, "Yeah, I see your point." I'm not worried about who did it, it's just a car and it can be fixed.

Luna Cycles socks are in stock! $8.99 a pair, or 3 pairs for $24! Email me if you would like some, but can't make it in to the store. If you have been by lately, you've probably noticed some half finished remodeling of the back area of the shop. Soon, the mechanic's area will be pushed back to the back room in order to create more floor space and to accomodate our new bike fitting area. Come by and check it out as we start finishing it up this week!
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