Thursday, June 27, 2013

Arrivee Corsica!

The view of Corsica from my hotel room balcony

My chauffeur dropped me off at my hotel, kindly reassuring me that the 5,000 euro charge for the ride from Switzerland to Corsica was about $5 in American money. No wonder the European economy is in shambles, everything is so cheap! Suffice it to say that this palatial hotel is truly a good deal at just a $1 a day (1,000 euros).

Corsica is beautiful. This place is exceptionally mountainous and according to the locals, the most mountainous island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is hard to believe that the Tour de France has never been here before, but by forgoing the traditional prologue time trial in favor of a road race that travels all over this island of 3,000 square miles. After being cooped up in the back of a limousine for the better part of two days, I'm ready to stretch my legs and explore this place before the real work begins on Saturday with the kickoff of the first stage of this 100th Tour de France.

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