Sunday, September 13, 2009

The monster wins again

We found out several months ago that a good friend of ours in Arizona had been diagnosed with a particularly nasty form of cancer.  Jeff and I last saw Doug at Interbike last year and it was shocking to think of the rapid changes we were hearing about in contrast to our last meeting with him.

Doug was hands-down, one of the nicest people I have ever been privileged to know.  Every time you saw him he would give you this crooked smile that was a true and genuine sign that he was happy to see you.  Doug had a remarkable way of making you feel like you were his best friend, even if you just barely knew him. 

Doug passed away earlier this week.  It was sudden and shocking.  To be honest, it hurts like hell knowing that Doug is no longer with us.  I do not ever espouse any religious or spiritual viewpoints, but I do sincerely and whole-heartedly hope that Doug is in a place that deserves him.

Every morning when I ride to work, I think about Doug.  I know that lots of others are doing the same and Doug will live on in our hearts and thoughts.
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