Wednesday, June 17, 2009

in the works

Cycling through the Flood
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Lots of happenings are just on the horizon. The nefarious, nay devious rules that will comprise this year's Luna Cycles Fantasy Tour de France are nearly complete. The only hint I will give you is that you should study up on the odds being given over at This year's grand prize is a pair of pimpin' Specialized sunglasses! Second place will receive a pit kit's worth of Pedro's cleaning supplies and 3rd place will receive some lowly prize to be named later. The lanterne rouge will also be appropriately recognized and rewarded for their lack of effort!

We are in the planning stages for a "Day on the Greenway" event. The plan is for us to have all of the greenway bike models that we carry available for test rides at the Lenoir greenway. Everyone who takes a test ride will receive a free raffle ticket for a very cool Specialized Globe 3 spd greenway bike. You will also be able to purchase raffle tickets at the event with all of the proceeds going to Caldwell County Pathways, the awesome people who have worked so hard to make the greenway happen!

Every now and then, someone comes into the shop and asks if we can help them sell something. We usually don't do this, but someone came in with about 4 pairs of very nice tubular wheelsets. The wheelsets were race quality back in their day, but they would now qualify more as training tubulars or cyclocross wheelsets. Come in, check 'em out and make an offer!

After 2 years of drought I hate to say it, but I'd kind of like it to stop raining. It seems like I spend a lot of my free time cleaning up water, contemplating where water is going to drain to, and generally cogitating upon the very nature of fluid dynamics. Needless to say, my basement is trying really hard to evolve into a cistern. I wouldn't really mind it all that much, but we have these really pesky electrical appliances down there too and seems like they wouldn't fare well if even partially submerged. I've been using this waterstop cement to fill cracks and leaks. If you've never used this stuff before think super glue, but more cementy. A lot more cementy. You mix it up and then you have 30 seconds of time bomb disarming terror as you try to shove into place, hold it and hope against hope that you didn't just cement your hand into the basement wall. So far, so good, but it hasn't gotten any easier with practice. Add this stress to the anxiety of water tunneling under our new driveway and you can get a sense of the dread we experience when we hear water hit the roof. The tunnel under the driveway is actually coming along pretty nicely. In fact, I'm thinking about charging admission and conducting some cave tours. How does Lenoir Caverns sound?
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