Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Clear and Sunny

The rain has finally eased up and with the sunshine, riders have appeared for both the monday and tuesday night rides.  The monday night ride saw 11 riders with most of them coming on one of their first group rides ever!  Big thanks to Joan Boike for pounding the electronic pavement and emailing everyone she could think of to come out and ride!  The tuesday night ride had 22 riders and looked to be a great setup for the race simulation ride that it is advertised as!  Thanks to everyone for coming out and making the rides what they are.

The Luna Cycles Fantasy Tour de France (LCFTdF) gets cranking this weekend!  With a scheduled start of July 4th, you will be able to submit a team through midnight of July 5th.  There are much different rules for this year's race and I will be posting them in the near future.  The broad strokes of the competition are: you will have a team budget and riders will have a value based on their odds as listed on as of July 1st.  Your team must consist of 5 riders.  All finishers of a stage will be awarded points (if 150 riders start, 1st place will receive 150 points and last place will receive 1 point), bonus points will be awarded for stage wins and leaders of jersey competitions.  Start studying!

A reminder that the Saturday group ride will be at 7am instead of 8am due to the increasing temperatures and feedback from members of our cycling community.
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