Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Risk Investment Opportunity!

What if I were to tell you that I had a fabulous, can't lose investment opportunity and that if you act right now you would be on the ground floor of this exciting investment opportunity? Shades of Bernie Madoff, you say? No, says I! 

Well, friends, I am prepared to let you in on the secret to cycling success!  This has been the closely guarded secret of the pros for decades and now, right now, I will give you this training secret FREE OF CHARGE!  But wait, you are probably asking yourself, "What's the catch?"  Fair enough, I won't lie to you, friends.  This investment is an investment in yourself; an investment in the season that will be; the season that lies before you like a wide open road of possibility.  But this investment will require privation, less than ideal conditions at times and one of the most precious of all commodities: time.

Yes friends, if you want to fly up the hills like an angel, sprint like a cheetah or just try to not be the slowest buffalo in the herd, then you must get out and ride your bike now. Yes, now!  In the winter!  When the chill drives the timid into the house for another round of Wii tennis and hot cocoa, you should be bundling up and coming out for the Saturday group ride!  Come out for some good old-fashioned LSD (long slow distance - NOT the other stuff!).  Be prepared for slow, social miles and GASP! talking with other people while riding. 

So, my friends, if you want to be "Better, Harder, Stronger, Faster" this season, NOW is the time to make the investment in yourself!

*while riding your bike in the winter time is a good idea and does usually result in increased performance and overall improvements in ones athletic ability, your actual results may vary. If, after a reasonable time period, you have not experienced improvements that you may define as "reasonable", you are probably not doing something right and should consult your local bike shop for the requisite scowls of disapproval and taunts of being a "whiner".  This is a limited time offer, Winter doesn't last forever, you know, and before you know it your first (race, cookie ride, long ride, mtn. bike epic, etc...) will be here and you will be lamenting missing out on this sure-thing investment opportunity.

In closing, let me say, "I'm gonna get you Shaw Brown!"
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