Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bring on the... meh

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February is an outright tease. Yesterday, I left the house at 7 am to ride to work. It was a balmy 19 degrees. I chose the commuter with gears over the commuter with Bar Mitts, a decision I regretted just shy of immediately as I rolled down the road.

I normally picture my interactions with cars on my morning commute as a comic panel from xkcd, probably because a stick figure would be the best I could muster, but I digress. In this comic panel, a car is passing me, I am looking over at the driver and the driver is looking over at me and we share a "thought balloon" which has both of us thinking "poor b*stard".

It isn't often that I envy car drivers on their commutes. I find cars to be confining and only find cars tolerable when driving a long distance to get somewhere. But in the sub- sub-freezing temperature of my commute yesterday, as my fingertips buzzed with the pain of early onset frostbite, my breathing came in short, shallow gasps of bitter cold, and my hands began to puff up from the cold despite my two layer gloves, that "thought balloon" was strictly directed at me.

One advantage of the frozen commute is that my normally cold school that I work in feels downright warm in comparison to the Iditabike experience I have just completed. What is truly mystifying about February, though, is that later in the day I went outside and it is sunny and warm with a slight cool breeze blowing. There has to be a >40 degree temperature differential as the day progresses. This is infuriating since my riding will be largely made up of commuting until time changes on March 10th. I'm so ready for the warm rides of Spring I can't hardly stand it.

To celebrate the coming time change and the start of the most glorious time of year to be a cyclist, we are having a big party. Check out our Spring Fling! event page, you're all invited. We'll have food and drinks from locally owned Howard Brewing Company. We'll be talking about our Google+ page and we'll be introducing our Google+ Community, which we hope will serve our cycling community as a virtual hub for ride information and planning. We are really excited about 2013!
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