Wednesday, March 14, 2012

vomitus maximus

After an awesome ride at Warrior Creek with Owen, Golden and Jeff, sickness hit shortly upon our arriving home. Owen rocked out an hour and a half on the trail and got to experience that sweet, deep, coma-like sleep that comes after a long and satisfying bike ride. We got home and Owen crawled into bed, still pooped. We called him to dinner and he got up, but hardly touched his food. He took a shower to get all the mud splatter from the trail off of him, and then went back to bed. At about 9:30, he showed up in the living room fire engine red, crying, and saying he didn't feel good. Needless to say, a 102 F fever and some vomiting later and we figured school was out of the question.

Monday, Golden stayed home with him and it was more of the same: fever, lethargy, nausea. I stayed home with him Tuesday and after a rough start to the day, he perked up and we actually got to enjoy what turned out to be the first real spring day of the year. How awesome were the warm temperatures, bright sunshine, cool breeze, and blooming flowers after a mild, yet no less depressing, winter?

Thanks to the time change and the break in the weather, it seems that the group ride season is fast upon us. Anticipate group ride announcements through the forum in the coming days. Not a member of the forum? Then go join so you can keep in the loop, add to the loop, loop de loop, etc...  In addition, we are putting all of our winter clothing inventory on sale! If it covers your knees, elbows, fingertips, or the top of your head (under your helmet) it's on sale! Let's hasten the demise of cold weather for the year!
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