Friday, December 11, 2009

The flavor of the Bend course

The video that I shot just doesn't want to upload right.  Didn't think anyone would want to watch an upside down video of Juniors crashing on a seemingly innocuous off camber bump.  The point was to show just how dicey this course is.  By midday it is pretty rideable, but on either end of that day light spectrum it is a game of chance as to how you make any of the more technical aspects of the course.

Fortunately for us, we have stocked up on a little magical elixir that should prove most beneficial during the race:

Not sure how much Bawls would be required for the remaining race efforts that we have, but we will try to carry at least a ton into each race!

The temps are dropping, which means that the few spots that got to thaw will now refreeze with a nice layer of glaze ice.  It is anybody's race until the finish line.

Jeff's flat ultimately cost him a top 20 finish today.  Our bikes and bodies are beat up as multiple crashes do damage to both.  I race tomorrow morning at 9:30, so tonight I am planning on flooding my system with as much antiseptic as possible, i.e. alcohol.

I will do better in video and photo coverage after my race. Promise.
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