Sunday, April 05, 2009

When focus fails

The past few months my focus has been devoted almost exclusively to finishing my National Boards Teacher Certification. If you don't know what this is, it is a monstrous amount of work that involves about 60 pages of writing, video taping and collecting student work. The reason I even mention this is because the deadline to turn all of this work in was this past week and now I can get on with the business of living outside of this closed little box of focus that I have been living in!

Sadly, my attention has been so diverted that I have almost missed my favorite part of the cycling season. Today was the Tour of Flanders (or Ronde de van Vlaandren) and for the second time in as many years, Stijn Devolder (Quickstep) has won. With three dangerous men in the race (Devolder, Tom Boonen, and Sylvain Chavenal), Quickstep definitely brings guns to the knife fights of the Spring classics. Boonen now seems to be taking the role of diverting attention from Devolder and Chavenal. While everyone watches Boonen (and rightfully so!) Chavenal is free to take the early flyer, while Devolder can play the spoiler if the opportunity arises. The deck is truly stacked against all of the teams with only one clear danger man amongst their ranks. The depth of Quickstep reminds me of the old Mapei team of the late '90's (GB-MG Bianchi before that) when it wasn't a matter of who would win a classic, but which Mapei rider would win.

Yesterday, Jeff, Todd and I had our own little test in the crucible of cycling as we competed in the 6hrs. of Warrior Creek mtn. bike race. Jeff and Todd competed in the solo category, while I teamed up with Megan Carmody from the Boone Bike and Touring team to compete in the coed duo category. Jeff and Todd layed it all out for 6 hours of off-road racing and looked wrung out post race. Megan and I pushed as hard as we could while still having fun and ended up in about 8th place. The one thing that we all discussed after the race was how could anybody do a 24 hr. race! Look for a Luna Cycles team competing in the Burn 24 hour race at Dark Mtn. this May!

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Enjoy the weather and ride!
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